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Wasp Control Service

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Some Advantages of Professional Wasp and Hornet Control Sevices


Professional wasp and hornet control services ensure that the removal process is carried out safely, minimizing the risk of stings and allergic reactions caused by wasps and hornets.


Pest control professionals have the knowledge and experience to effectively locate and eliminate wasp and hornet nests, preventing future infestations.

✔️Proper Equipment:

Professional services have access to specialized equipment and protective gear, allowing them to handle wasp and hornet infestations safely and efficiently.

✔️Long-Term Solutions:

Professional exterminators can provide long-term solutions to prevent wasps and hornets from returning, ensuring a pest-free environment.

✔️Peace of Mind:

Hiring professional services gives you peace of mind, knowing that the wasp and hornet infestation will be dealt with effectively and safely.

At Shield Pest Appalachia, we also offer other pest and animal control services, including the removal of termites, roaches, bed bugs, rodents, mosquitos, and many others. To learn more about our services get in touch with us.

Effective Approach to Wasp and Hornet Control

Our Four-step Wasp and Hornet Control Process

Wasp control

Step 1: Identification and Assessment

Searching for the Wasp and Hornet Nests

After you contact us and fill out the form, you will get a quick 30-minute quote about the service you want. Our first step, at Shield Pest Applachia, is crucial which involves accurately identifying the species of wasps or hornets present and assessing the extent of the infestation. This includes locating nests and determining the size and potential risks associated with their location.

Wasp Removal

Step 2: Safe Removal and Examination

Applying Professional Removal Techniques

Once identified, our pest control experts use specialized equipment and techniques to safely remove or exterminate the nests. This may involve using insecticides, dust, or foams applied directly to the nest to eliminate the colony. Safety precautions are paramount to protect both the technicians and the occupants of the property.

Wasp Infestation

Step 3: Preventive Measures

Using Protective Barriers to Control Infestation

After removal, preventive measures are taken to discourage future infestations. This might include sealing entry points, such as cracks or gaps in structures, where wasps or hornets could potentially build nests. Additionally, recommendations may be made to reduce attractants, such as food sources, that can draw these insects to the area.

Wasp control

Step 4: Monitoring and Follow-up

Maintaining Future Infestation for One Year

We also provide monitoring services to ensure that the treatment is effective and that no new nests are forming. Follow-up inspections are also scheduled to address any residual concerns or emerging issues. Our wasp and hornet control service comes with a 30-day guarantee, during which any new infestation appears, our team dealt with that situation at no additional cost.

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