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Some Advantages of Professional Roach Control Sevices at Home


Professional roach control services have the expertise and knowledge to effectively identify and address roach infestations. They are trained to understand roach behavior and can develop a targeted plan to eliminate them.


Professional services use safe and approved methods to deal with roaches, ensuring the safety of your family and pets. They can effectively apply pesticides and baits while minimizing risks.

✔️Comprehensive approach:

Professional services take a thorough approach, addressing not only the adult roaches but also their eggs and nymphs. This comprehensive treatment helps prevent future infestations.


Hiring professionals saves you time and effort. They have the tools and experience to efficiently and effectively eradicate roaches from your home.

✔️Long-term solution:

Professional roach control services can provide long-term solutions, preventing future infestations and giving you peace of mind. Their expertise and ongoing maintenance plans can help ensure that roaches stay away from your home.

At Shield Pest Appalachia, we also offer other pest and animal control services, including the removal of termites, bed bugs, rodents, silverfish, mosquitos, and many others. To learn more about our services get in touch with us.

Effective Approach to Roach Control

Our Four-step Roach Control Process

Roach Infestation

Step 1: Inspection and Assessment

Identifying the Entry Points of Roaches

At Shield Pest Appalachia, our pest control experts conduct a thorough inspection of the property to identify areas where roaches are active and potential hiding spots. They look for signs such as droppings, egg casings, and roach odors. Also, they assess factors contributing to the infestation, such as food and water sources, entry points, and conducive conditions like moisture and clutter.

Roach Removal Service

Step 2: Treatment Plan Creation

Developing Personalized Plans

We create a specific roach control strategy based on the information gathered during the inspection. For the majority of roach species, we fix cracks and crevices, install barriers around the exterior, and monitor the situation on an ongoing basis. Some roaches demand particular treatment procedures Because of their prolific breeding, thus we employ specialist strategies to ensure thorough eradication.

Roach Control Service

Step 3: Implementation of Control Measures

Applying the Strategies to Get Maximum Results

Our pest control technicians implement the treatment plan, applying control measures according to the identified infestation level and specific needs of the property. The application technique entails the use of professional-grade insecticides and baits that are intended to provide maximum effectiveness while minimizing the impact on your house and health.

Roach Control

Step 4: Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

Putting a Stop to the Further Damage

After initial treatment, follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor the effectiveness of the control measures. Our expert technicians may apply additional treatments if it's needed to achieve complete eradication of roaches. The experts provide recommendations for ongoing prevention, such as sealing entry points, improving sanitation practices, and reducing moisture levels.

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