Keeping Your Home Spider-free

Effective Spider Control Solutions

Spider Control Solutions

Enhance Comfort and Protect Your Property

Some Benefits of Getting a Professional Spider Control Sevices at Home


Professional spider control services ensure your safety by using proven methods and products to eradicate spiders from your home. This reduces the risk of spider bites and potential allergic reactions.

✔️Effective Results:

Professional spider control services have access to advanced pest control techniques and products that are more effective than over-the-counter solutions. This increases the likelihood of a thorough elimination of spiders from your home.

✔️Time and Effort Savings:

Hiring a professional spider control service saves you the time and effort required to research, purchase, and apply various spider control methods. Professionals take care of the entire process, allowing you to focus on other priorities.


Pest control professionals have the knowledge and expertise to identify the type of spiders infesting your home, as well as the most appropriate methods for elimination. They can also provide valuable advice on preventing future infestations.

✔️Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your home has been treated by professionals can provide peace of mind, as you can have confidence in the thoroughness and effectiveness of the spider control measures taken.

At Shield Pest Appalachia, we also offer other pest and animal control services, including the removal of termites, roaches, bed bugs, rodents, mosquitos, and many others. To learn more about our services get in touch with us.

Effective Approach to Spider Control

Our Four-step Spider Control Process

Spider Control

Step 1: Anti-Spider Barrier Establishment

Creating a Defensive Boundary for Spiders

Shield Pest Appalachia's technicians begin the spider control process by spraying a perimeter around the entire outside of your home. This spray creates a chemical barrier that stops young spiders from accessing and climbing your home's exterior surfaces, effectively lowering the risk of an indoor infestation.

Spider Removal

Step 2: Residual Insecticide Application

Eliminating Spider Habitant

After the first step is done we manually remove spider nesting locations with a brush head that can reach up to 25 feet. This brush is coated with a dust repellent to reduce spider activity and prevent subsequent nesting in treated areas. This stage is critical for directly addressing current spider populations and habitats.

Spider Infestation

Step 3: Liquid Spray Application

Using Liquid Spray to Control Infestation

Our team will apply liquid spray straight to the area where spiders can hide. This targeted strategy is only utilized when the weather is appropriate and is intended to successfully destroy spiders in common hiding places.

Spider Control Service

Step 4: Monitoring and Follow-up

Managing Your Indoor Space Through Ongoing Process

We also offer regular monitoring to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and identify any new spider activity. Follow-up treatments may be recommended if necessary to ensure long-term spider control.

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