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General Pest Control Spray

Each spray has its own 90 day guarantee.

Initial/Single Treatment


2 Treatments

Recommended for clients who prefer treatments only done in Spring and Fall.

Quarterly Treatments


Yearly General Pest with Termite Protection

Quarterly treatment. If you develop termites throughout the year, termites are treated at no additional cost. Yearly termite inspection is also included.
Ants, spiders and other typical house insects
This service is meant for Interior and exterior of your house sprayed as well as cobwebs cleaned off of the house.
Covers over 75 different insects!

why general pest control?

General pest control prevents a larger infestation from insects. The chemicals are meant to deter them from your home and retreat to somewhere else. The chemicals act as a ‘shield’ and are meant to kill the insects over time.
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Rodent Treatment

Rodents take a little bit of time with a longer process.
We start with finding the nest, next we bait the area, and come back 2-3 days later to inspect the house for any leftover infestations.
Typically takes 2 weeks to resolve the issue.

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Flea, Roach


Bed Bug Treatment

30 Day Guarantee

These kinds of pests are difficult to get rid of.
Fleas, roaches and bed bugs will lay thousands of eggs every 10-14 days. The chemicals used in this spray are meant to kill the pests, rather than deter them, like your typical store bought spray would do.
This treatment requires at least 2 treatments to ensure the infestation is eliminated. These are more on-contact killing chemicals.
get rid of pests for good

Fungus Treatment Up To 1500 sq. ft.

1  Year Guarantee

Rain in East Tennessee can present real problems for mold and fungus growing on structures.
This treatment is meant for underneath the crawlspace to help preserve the wood.
Don’t let fungus get out of hand, contact professionals who take care of these situations before they get worse.

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